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I love music and the drums! Having spent my life studying privately and at various institutions including the Royal Academy of Music; performing professionally throughout the UK, Europe and America; teaching privately, in schools and in higher education, I have encountered many different ideas and teaching styles. I am devoted to providing quality drum teaching at all levels.

If you're a parent who's thinking about drum lessons for your child,  I am fully DBS checked and can offer tuition covering the Trinity syllabus, ABRSM syllabus, or help in preparation for GCSE and A level performance exams.

For younger students and beginners, I can't say enough about the benefits and wider impact playing the drums has on learning. These include: improving long-term memory and better brain development (particularly for those who start at a young age); improving mental alertness; enhances verbal memory, spatial reasoning, and literacy skills; Strengthens reading skills; Sense of well being and happiness; Reduces stress and depression; Strengthens the brain's executive function (this is the part of the brain that covers critical tasks such as processing and retaining information, controlling behaviour, making decisions, and problem solving); Strengthens bonds with others; Teaches perseverance, discipline and responsibility; Develops confidence and self expression; Improves coordination.

Learning the drums is also a fun way to learn about other cultures, history, geography, maths, languages, science.The number of subjects that music incorporates is almost endless.

If you are an intermediate or advanced student, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information and material that's available today. Whether you are preparing for an exam/audition, or a professional looking to improve your playing, it can often be confusing to know what to practice. Having great technique or being able to play complex material doesn't always translate into gigs.

Seeking guidance from a good teacher is essential. Putting your trust in them to filter the information into clear, concise and practical goals is invaluable. You will see quicker progress, be better prepared for musical situations and, more importantly, enjoy the learning process.

Above all, learning to play the drums is fun. It takes dedication and practice but can be highly rewarding. The sense of accomplishment that learning an instrument provides, and being able to share it by playing music with others, is a truly unique experience

So, if you're considering drum lessons, I'm confident I'll be able to help, whatever level you're at. Give me a call to get started! 

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